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June 15, 2014     scarlettfinn     Blog post


Today is going to be a quick one because I’m in a rather philosophical mood. In other words if I start typing I won’t stop! I hope you are all enjoying Father’s Day with your loved ones, and enjoying the weather – if you have it.
I just wanted to remind everyone that The XY Factor is free today! That’s right free! For one day only (June 15) :p

New cover for The XY Factor!

It’s free, so why don’t you check it out:

The two of them may have grown up in the same town but their ways couldn’t have been more different – he was the rebel and she the invisible princess. No one knew of the chance encounter between Darcy and Sloan on his last night in town almost a decade and a half ago.
But when Inverquay needs money Darcy steps up to take part in her worst nightmare – a TV talent show. Things don’t go to plan and she ends up under the glare of the media spotlight. In the big bad city she’s alone, and to a small town girl that’s inconceivable; but no one knows why she’s there so Darcy has no one to rely on.
Sloan swore he’d never go back to Inverquay and after thirteen years he’d rid himself of the town that had forsaken him. Until he stumbles upon the girl he met only hours before he roared away from Inverquay on his bike, and she trusts him… now why in the hell would she do something as stupid as that?

Good luck on your adventures!


Excerpts available here.