Quick news update!

May 30, 2014     scarlettfinn     Blog post

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Hello everyone!
In telling myself that I should only blog when I have something amazing to say has left for a bit of a drought. But I have news today! Actually, I have three pieces of news, and I’m not sure which to go for first… hmm…
Ok, number one, I sent out my first newsletter today! Yay! I got there, I got it out, and I delivered as promised. As well as being proud of the accomplishment, I want to make sure that everyone who signed up got their copy, which is why I’m bringing it up. If you didn’t get yours, you can go to my website and fill in the contact form. I’ll make sure I’ve got you signed up for future letters, and be sure to forward your copy of today’s to you… special treat included. So that’s news one.
News two is that Mistake Me Not is now available in paperback. So if you want to keep it for posterity, nip on over to Amazon, and order your copy today.
Lastly, I want to remind everyone that Rivals ON AIR is free this Sunday on Amazon. This is a one day only deal, so don’t miss out. It’s a contemporary romance, details on Amazon, or at my website. I have also created a brand spanking new cover for the occasion, hope you like it!
Now I’m done with my news I’ll leave you to your lives.

Good luck on your adventures,