Who are you?

February 2, 2015     scarlettfinn     Blog post


Everyone has secrets. Off the top of my head now I can think of three of my own. One is frivilous, probably rather silly, and most would find it funny. The second is salactious and certainly never to be discussed. The third, however, is so deeply personal that I can’t imagine ever revealing it myself to anyone other than those who know me best.
I keep the third secret not only to protect myself, but to protect others. A part of me is ashamed for being so private about something which should be out in the open, but alas, it cannot be. I consider myself a forthright person. Someone who will stand up for what is right no matter the cost and in the past I have proved that I can be just that. Yet, I keep a secret from most of the world about the truth of who I am because, to be honest, it would change every relationship that I have.
We all conceal a part of ourselves. Some dark corner of our being that we don’t want to share with others. For some this part is so small it’s almost not worth acknowledging. For others this part can at times consume us.
In the last couple of months my life has twisted and turned in ways that I wasn’t anticipating. Some events make us evaluate who we are and why we do the things that we do, but we don’t always get the answers that we seek. That doesn’t mean we should stop looking for them. We have to carry on in the face of uncertainty and adversity and hope, that despite our secrets and the truth burning inside of us, that we will come out the other side.
In the meantime, embrace the adventure. It might not take us in a direction that we expect, but who knows what lies at the next stop of our journey? Perhaps the unexpected might not be so sinister after all.

Good luck on your adventures,


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