On a break…

July 8, 2014     scarlettfinn     Blog post

So I’m away at the moment. Staying with family on the beach and the weather right now is glorious.
I had no expectation of getting any writing done this week because I knew things could be busy. So when the kids were happy in the surf and I had the writing itch it was a bonus.
It’s proof enough that it can’t be switched off and inspiration should be harnessed. Without the pressure of necessity my writing flowed much more naturally. I didn’t have to write so I could write what I wanted to.
I accomplished a lot. I got many words on the page and when I read it back I was happy 🙂
The feeling of satisfaction at achieving something doesn’t go away. I like to know those words are out of me. It’s only a first draft of course but now I have something to shape. The foundation is in place.
I say foundation but I do have another section of this piece done already. So even on a break I have more words under my belt. Every word counts. I’ve taken a step forward.
Be proud. Be positive. And when you can, enjoy inspiration in the sun…oh, and wear sunscreen :p

Good luck on your adventures,